Our Mission Statement:  This site was created to not only help new users get Free Wii Points Codes, but we will do it so well that we will put all of the scam, low quality, and sites with questionable motives out of business.

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The Only Legit Way To Get Free Wii Points Codes

This is the only guaranteed way to get Free Wii Points Card Numbers. It is a simple 3 step process to get Free Wii Points Codes sent instantly to your email, or if you choose you can have a card mailed to your house.

First Step: Sign Up Here!

Just make sure to use your real email address and verify it because that is where we send your Free Wii Points Codes to. Other than that the sign up process is exactly the same as other popular sites. Get a 250 ($2.50) Sign Up Bonus when you finish registration which you can then use as a boost toards your free Wii Points Codes goal!

Next Step: Earn Your Free Wii Points Codes.

On this site all you have to do to earn them is, do free easy surveys, invite your friends or even compete in contests to get them. So the points add up fairly quick

Final Step: Order Your Free Wii Points.

After you have got enough points to redeem your Free Wii Points Codes all you have to do is select which one you want and you can get it emailed to you instantly, or mailed to your house in a few days.


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